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Commit to jump-starting your health in our 30 day program and save. This program includes weekly one hour consultations, customized weekly action plans, and unlimited email support.  I also extend to my monthly clients preferred pricing on testing, supplements and gear. Leading up to and during the first appointment, we assess your current state of health, your main complaints and your goals.  Then we develop a clear, comprehensive, step-by-step, food, exercise, supplement, sleep and lifestyle plan based on your individual needs and aspirations.  With 30 days we have enough time to get some real data on what is going on inside your body via cutting-edge testing, to get to the root cause of your health concerns.

Together we will

Empower you to take control of your health and discover what’s going on in your body

Empower you to set and accomplish goals

Create a personalized program that fits your goals and lifestyle

Use cutting-edge science and clinical wisdom to reveal hidden stressors that are holding you back

Gain freedom from cravings and establish food as fuel

Detoxify your body and your mind

Ignite your body’s natural ability to burn fat

Achieve or set you on the course to achieve your ideal weight

Improve energy, sleep, and well-being

Improve digestion, hormone balance and organ and cellular function

Set you up to achieve great health for life

Set you up to achieve your non-health related goals


This program includes

4 1 Hour Zoom/FaceTime/phone consultations

Daily support and check-ins if desired

Email support with a 24 hour response time

Weekly action plans that include data attainment, food, supplements, exercise, sleep and lifestyle adjustments, all personalized for you, your complaints, and your goals

Customized supplement and detoxification protocols

Customized meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes

Preferred pricing on testing, supplements and gear

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