Welcome friend!  My name is Rebecca Martz Spenser, and I'm dedicated to great health, personal development, and living an intentional life.  I am a clinical and holistic nutritionist, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and a Bulletproof Coach.  It took me 20 years and tens of thousands of dollars to achieve my current level of health and happiness, but I’ve discovered how to help you get there as quickly, smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

This discovery started 9 years ago when I was working on an amazing and life-changing television show called Modern Family.  Somehow all the right elements had come together—hilarious writing, incredible and super nice cast, short hours, great pay, amazing bosses and co-workers, a hit show that won awards and had a positive influence on the world.  Before our show, having all these amazing elements at the same time was considered in the industry to be impossible, but we did it.  It made many of us look at other aspects of our lives and ask, can we really have it all?  For me, I was struggling with health issues.  I was seeing all these different doctors and practitioners, they would run tests and give me a prescription or supplement or advise me “reduce stress.”  But I didn’t feel stressed, and the supplements didn’t change the way I felt or give me the results I wanted.  I was spending huge amounts of my hard-earned money on supplements, naturopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, but no one was seeing me as a whole person, no one taught me how to understand the tests they ran, no one helped me get to the root causes of my issues, and no one empowered me to improve my health or life.  Many of the practitioners actually made me feel bad about myself for not feeling perfectly healthy.  Finally I came across a health coaching program that opened my eyes to all the new health tests out there, and how to understand them, and my whole perspective changed.  I decided to take control of my health and gain knowledge for myself about what was going on in my body.

You see, the answer I was looking for was not one diet, modality or supplement, but a comprehensive, science-based and systematic approach to discovering the hidden physiological and emotional stressors that zapped my energy, upset my digestion, and disrupted my hormones.  In the synergy between getting the test results, understanding my symptoms, and the knowledge of what to do about it, I found not only my health but my passion.  I believe this is the new way to approach natural health.  Modern means we can be inspired by excellence, we can take advantage of what the latest science and marketplace has to offer, and we can be empowered to improve our health and wellness.  I hope you will let me give you the knowledge and power to take on this challenge and improve your life as well.